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Bert is a black Percheron gelding.  He is the older brother to Bart and can be identified as Bert has a white star on his forehead.



Bart is a black Percheron gelding, who is Bert's younger brother.  He matches very well but he has a white strip instead of a star.


Future Teams


 Thunder is a coming 2 year old Belgian that came to us at 5 months of age.  He will hopefully be one of our future teams.


Ice, Rain & Shine

Ice, Rain & Shine are 8 month old colts that came to us in the fall.  Hopefully, with Thunder, they will make 2 new time


Past Horses

Jay & Demo


Jay and Demo were our very first team of horses.  They were a team of grey Percherons and great teachers.  Unfortunately Demo died, much too young, of colic and as Jay was going blind in one eye we decided not to find him a new team mate but placed him in a loving local home.

Sonny & Cruiser

Sonny & Cruiser were our second team, they were a very large team of Belgians.  They were a team in a million and we did many, many events with them and they were always a crowd favourite.  Due to circumstances beyond our control we found them another good working home.  We miss them very much.

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